I'm a painter and Montessori teacher living in Brooklyn, NY since 2004. I earned a BFA in painting from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University and recently became an AMS certified Early Childhood Educator.

One of my first gigs in the city was working as a studio assistant to Kehinde Wiley along with a team of painters to help create giant, brightly-colored and elaborate canvases. A few years later, I landed a dreamy teaching job at MoMA's experimental after-school program called In the Making where I helped high school kids make sculptures, paintings, and videos based on the museum's amazing collection. I branched out from the art world in 2010 into the fashion world and took a turn as an illustrator at Ralph Lauren for the Women's Design Art Department where I would spend my days coloring up little sketches of design concepts in colored pencil and marker. Around 2012 I started dabbling in the scenic painting world, picked up some tricks, and found myself a satisfying little niche making paintings as props. Over the past 7 years, I've made artwork for several theater and television productions, including Broadway plays and kooky Adult Swim TV shows.

I now make my living as a Montessori teacher and enjoy making art with three to six year olds who are relentlessly and hilariously authentic and fun.

I've also maintained a personal studio practice for the last 15 years--the past two at The Bakery--in Brooklyn where I still live these days with my husband Matt and our daughter Alice.